GE House
Comporta, Portugal

480sm private residence The site lies in the district of Comporta, Setubal, an hour south of Lisbon along the Portuguese coast. The Client has acquired four adjacent lots to build a vacation house composed of 3 mainbuildings interconnected by a garden and waterways

The project is articulated over 3 main elements: a retaining wall to enclose the garden and create a more private enclosure; a formal access in the form of an enclosed walkway which filters views and light leading to the main deck; a serie of waterways which link and separate the different buildings whilst cooling and irrigating the garden. The traditional single storey architecture and thatched roofs, imposed by the local Planning Regulations, is subverted by sharp cuts and large glazed openings which frame and interact with the landscape. Local building techniques and materials such as reed facades and azulejos are contrasted with a more contemporary use of steel and concrete.